Getting Started in the World of XMG

Just getting into the game, or thinking about getting into the game? Here are a few things to know about X-Wing Miniatures Game:


There are two core game sets that are $39.99 MSRP each, and each one comes with two tie fighters and one X-wing. They each include everything needed to begin playing like movement templates, dice, damage decks, cardboard tokens, etc. The difference between the two is one includes Tie Fighters and X-wings from the original trilogy and the films respected pilots like Luke and Biggs. The other one (image) features Tie F/Os and T-70 X-Wings from The Force Awakens movie and their respected pilots like Poe Dameron. The only other difference is the damage deck. The Force Awakens is the more preferred damage deck in the competitive scene, but when just starting out, you won’t know the difference and it will not affect your gameplay or enjoyment.

uSWS23-24-layoutAs you get more ships the only thing you will need to purchase is a mat to play on. When first starting out, any surface will do, like a kitchen table or coffee table with a table cloth or sheet of some kind. Official mats from the publisher FFG are $39.99 MSRP or you can find third party mats on sites like Etsy, Ebay, etc. (note: these third party mats cannot be used for official tournaments, which isn’t much of a deal breaker). Other options are to go to your local fabric/craft store like Michael’s or Joann’s and they have 3ft x 3ft felt squares, perfect size for X-wing, and they retail for around $5. I used one of these for a few months before purchasing a “real” mat.



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