Soontir Fel

One of the imperial’s best pilots, he is hard to bring down with an entire squad, and almost impossible 1v1. He use to be feared on the tables but recently has been pushed out of the meta with numerous anti-stress cards added to the game (i.e. Black Market Slicer Tools) and automatic stressing abilities (i.e. Asajj Ventress).

Bombs (K-bombers + Sabine crew) and automatic tractor beams didn’t help any either for a 3 Hull ship. Soontir has been driven out, but mostly it was his own fault. He was just THAT good.

His common builds:

Soontir Fel (27)
Push the Limit (3)
Stealth Device (3)
Autothrusters (2)
Royal Guard TIE (0)

Total: 35

This is the Soontir that everyone will assume when you say “Soontir”. Push The Limit is glued to him as it synergizes perfectly with his ability, granting him a focus token when he…”pushes the limit” by performing a second action and then receives a stress token.

He moves at Pilot Skill 9, and with boost and barrel roll he can control the range. This makes autothrusters a no-brainer. If he can’t get safely to range 1 for an attack, he can get to range 3, granting an automatic evade from any blank die roll.

Stealth Device grants him another green dice until he suffers a damage from any attack. And because he is so hard to hit, you can get a return on investment greater than just your 3 points spent on Stealth Device.

Different Soontir builds all just replace Stealth Device with either Target Computer to make Soontir more offensive, Hull Upgrade to counter bombs, or Twin Ion Engines to keep him cheap and open up his dial a bit to clear stress.


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