Norra Wexley

Norra Wexley and her ARC-170 ship was released along with the fantastic and powerful Wave IX ships. What makes the ARC different from any other rebel ship is the combination of the crew and astromech upgrade slots. This provides some unique combos no other ship in the game can pull off.

Norra’s Common Builds:

Norra Wexley (29)
Push the Limit (3)
Tail Gunner (2)
R2-D2 (4)
Vectored Thrusters (2)

Total: 40

This is the more common Norra you will see on the tables. PTL provides Norra a focus and the target lock she needs for her ability. Tail Gunner makes her rear arc almost as deadly as the front arc, and because she needs to do greens to clear her stress from PTL, R2-D2 is a natural fit as doing a green with Artoo regenerates 1 shield back on Norra. With her defensive ability to add an eyeball and turn it to an evade, plus R2-D2 regenerating a shield, Norra Wexley is a difficult ship to take down 1v1.

A more defensive version is to replace Tail Gunner with C-3PO.


C-3PO guarantees 1 evade on a 1 agility ship on defense by calling out “zero”. You either roll an evade or else C-3PO adds one. Now combine this with the shield regenerated from R2-D2 and Norra’s ability to add an eyeball with her target lock, and you have a ship that can brush off three hits easily.

Thematic wise, it is great to see C-3PO and R2-D2 on the same ship. A powerful duo in the movies, as well as in the game!

Another Build:

Norra Wexley (29)
Push the Limit (3)
Kyle Katarn (3)
BB-8 (2)
Engine Upgrade (4)

Total: 41

This Norra build is capable of something no other ship in the game can do, and that is four actions and end stress free, all on her own without any help.

1. Dial in one of her six green moves. Barrel roll with BB8


2. The barrel roll is a free action, so now you can Push The Limit to boost/target lock.

3. Perform your green maneuver, clearing your stress and receiving a focus token from Katarn crew.

Push The Limit Kyle Kataarn

4. The final step is to take your normal action for the “Perform Action Step”. So your options would be to either boost or target lock, whichever one you didn’t do in step 2.

You just did a barrel roll, target lock, focus, and boost with Norra and ended stress free to do it all again next round!

Now you know some of the common Norra builds. Can you come up with your own unique build?


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