The Academy

This is the place where recruits come to learn the basics, hone their skills, and get prepare for battle. Onboard Pilot Skill Zero we have trained some the best pilots in the galaxy!

Basic Training will teach you how to setup obstacles, maneuver, bump into ships, go through each phase step by step, and overall get you comfortable with your first couple matches.

Flight School 101 is your next step after Basic Training. Here, we will teach you about repositioning, why high pilot skill is important, why low pilot skill is also important for blocking, how to measure range with your eyeballs, and other important tools you will need in any ships cockpit.

List Building 101 is your first step into creating the best most efficient squad the galaxy has ever seen! We will go over the “Do’s” and the “Do nots” in creating lists, go over the generally accepted and popular builds for ships, and introduce you to pilot abilities and/or multiple upgrade cards that combo well together so that you slap them on your favorite ship and away you go!

What to Purchase section is all about saving you money in the short term, because let’s be honest, you will spend a lot of money on this game, it’s just that good and mistakes will be made. For now, we can direct you to ships that have the most value in that they are good playable ships that come with good upgrade cards, as well as how valuable it is in your fleet. No sense in spending $39.99 on a ship you won’t fly. We will show you fun, competitive lists that can be built for $100.

Your First Tournament section prepares you for the competitive scene. Learn what you need to know before your first tournament.