Acronyms and Lingo

These are the more common terkeep-calm-and-i-dont-know-fly-casual-1ms and acronyms that you will hear and read during X-wing discussion. For a more substantial list, check out the subreddit HERE

Fly Casual – This is the term most X-wing players fly by. It means, this is just a game, so be a decent human being to one another, don’t argue over plastic pieces and dice, and just fly casual. It is possible to be competitive and not be a jerk. Have fun and more importantly, make sure the other player is having fun as well.

TLT – This refers to the turret upgrade card Twin Laser Turrets. It’s a powerhouse in the game and is referred to quite a bit.

FCS – Another powerhouse card that refers to the system slot upgrade card titled Fire Control System.

AT – Autothrusters. A staple on just about any ship with native boost action in its action bar.

EU – Refers to the modification upgrade card Engine Upgrade.

PTL – This refers to the Elite Pilot Talent upgrade card Push The Limit. A very popular card that is constantly discussed.

HLC – Heavy Laser Cannon upgrade card.

PWT – Primary Weapon Turret. Refers to ships like Millenium Falcon and Jumpmaster that can fire 360 degree.

TFA – The Force Awakens. This acronym is used to refer to both the damage deck from the second core set as well as upgrades like the Millennium Falcon title card found in the Heroes of Resistance expansion pack. You may see it as (TFA) Title

OT – Original Trilogy. This acronym is used to refer to ships/abilities from the original trilogy that also occur in other timelines like The Force Awakens, for example Chewbacca and Han pilot cards. You may see them as (OT) Chewie and (OT) Han, which refers to the Millennium Falcon expansion pilots and not the Heroes of Resistance clones.

Stressbot  – This astromech is R3-A2. It hands a stress token to both the attacker and defender during the declare target step of attacking.

Palpmobile – Refers to the the Lambda Shuttle w/ Emperor Palpatine crew. Usually the generic Omnicron Group Pilot + Palpatine for a squad point cost of just 29pts.

Stresshog – A rebel  Y-wing, usually the Gold Squadron w/ R3-A2 + TLT + BTLA title. It is capable of stressing an enemy ship twice. Once with it’s primary weapon, and again with it’s secondary thanks to the BTLA title.