Your First Tournament

You have your ships, got in a few practice matches, and are now ready to test your skills? Great! Your first tournament is approaching and you aren’t sure what to expect? Fret not! Information is below to get you ready for battle!

First things first, get your list together. Nothing is worse than showing up and realizing you left your damage deck at home on the kitchen table from last night’s practice session. So get all your ships, cards, tokens, templates and pack them up the night before.

There are a couple of different tournament tiers you may be participating in, such as:

Store Kit:

A store kit is put on by your FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) and is usually around $5-$10 for entry fee. These kits all distributed by FFG quarterly, so if you miss out on a couple kit tournaments, dont worry, the prizes are the same for a few months. All participants will get an alternate art upgrade card. Usually the top get a set of acrylic tokens, and the winner gets an alternate art pilot card. Depending on your area, these kits can range from 4-24 people. Usually it is less than 16 people and consists of 3 rounds of swiss. Store Kits are what I recommend for your first tournament. They are small and more casual.

Store Championships and Regionals:

These are the larger tournaments in your area. The price can range from approximately $15-$30 and the number of participants all depends on your area. Some can be as small as 25 people and others can get up to 200 people. If you aren’t sure about your area, assume 70-80 people. With this number of participants, you are now looking at 6 rounds of swiss, with a cut to top8, or in case of more than 74 participants, a cut to top16. These larger tournaments usually occur over a 2 day span, with the top8/16 continuing on day 2.

What to bring?

  1. Your ships, tokens, templates, etc.
  2. Water – stay hydrated, my friends.
  3. Snacks – Bring some non-greasy/sticky snacks like Trail mix,granola bars, etc.

Things to know:

  1. The most recent FAQ. All tournaments will be using the most recent rules found in the FAQ. So go to FFG’s website and download the latest one. This is crucial, as many cards printed text have been changed/altered and you need to know this. So get familiar with the FAQ.
  2. Don’t assume your opponent is the all-knowing X-wing guru. Many players interpret card abilities wrong, so if you are ever unsure, get the T.O. (Tournament Organizer) who has the final say in such scenarios. The T.O. should know the latest FAQ, and have a good grasp on how abilities interact. They will have the final say on interpreting vague abilities and line of sight situations. Don’t be scared to ask for a T.O. about rules clarifications. You are new, so all it does it help your confidence in the areas you are uncertain about.
  3. Sit as much as possible. You will be playing 3-6 rounds of X-wing, which accumulates into approximately 4.5 – 9 hours of game time. You do not want to be standing for that entire time. So pull up a chair and sit when you can, for instance between games when setting up, when setting dials between rounds, etc. Rest your legs.
  4. Most importantly, Fly casual! Have fun! We are flying plastic ships based off movies. This is not our full-time job where our mortgage and family lifestyle is at stake. Be respectful, have fun, and enjoy going “pew pew” with some awesome toys!